Storage Made Simple

CIOs increasingly push their suppliers to make things simpler and that’s true in all domains, but perhaps especially in Storage where the explosion of data is driving the business.

Had an amazing experience talking about IBM FlashSystem Storage to our customers, a family that traverses right from entry, mid-range, enterprise, and can go out to a hybrid, multicloud environment. It’s all driven across a common platform with a common API, common software, our award-winning “Spectrum Virtualize”. By providing a common API and software platform, IBM believes it is taking the complexity out of enterprise storage while helping businesses of all sizes operate in a better way.


Location: Le Méridien, Coimbatore

Anatomy of DS8900F Storage

Created an overview about IBM DS8K storage arrays and published it in IBM Storage Community.

Simply, this is my version of DS8K & it’s components, features though you can find numerous similar articles from SMEs

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