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VNX Specialist!

January 9, 2015 2 comments

Recently written EMC E20-547 VNX Solutions Specialist exam and achieved my first SPECIALIST level credentials.

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SPS Battery Test Alerts

February 3, 2013 Leave a comment

I received few mail alerts from EMC Storage box as below,

“Time Stamp ‘date’ 01:10:40 (GMT) Event Number 2580 Severity Error Host SPB Storage Array ‘Serial No’ SP N/A Device N/A Description Storage Array Faulted Enclosure 0 : Faulted Enclosure 0 SPS A : Faulted”


“Time Stamp ‘date’ 01:00:40 (GMT) Event Number 2580 Severity Error Host SPB Storage Array ‘Serial No’ SP N/A Device N/A Description Storage Array Faulted Enclosure 0 : Faulted Enclosure 0 SPS B : Faulted”





This is not an issue.Each week the SP runs a battery self-test to ensure that the monitoring circuitry is working in each SPS. While the test runs, storage-system write caching is disabled, but communication with the server continues. I/O performance may decrease during the test. When the test is finished, storage-system write caching is re-enabled automatically. The factory default setting for the battery test is set to start at 1:00 a.m. on Sunday, which you can change. Please find the below SP events while battery test.

sps events

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VMware ESXi Host OS version updation issue in EMC Storage

October 27, 2012 Leave a comment


VMware ESXi OS information updated in EMC-> Hosts screen. At first ESXi 4.1 hosts connected to EMC SAN through FC Connectivity. After upgrading ESXi from 4.1 to 5.0.0, still OS version is ESXi 4.1.0 in EMC Hosts tab. It is not updated to ESXi 5.0.0 for longer.

Steps to perform:

1.Disable agent push feature in for registration in ESXi.

In the vSphere Client, select the host in the inventory.

Click the Configuration tab and click Advanced Settings under Software.

Select Disk in the left panel and scroll to Disk.EnableNaviReg.

Change the default value to “0”.

Reboot the ESXi host for the changes to take effect.

2.  De-register the host initiators in connectivity status tab.

3.  Restart the Management Server.

Note: This procedure must be performed on both storage processors to be effective!

Open a new browser window.Type in the address bar-> http: //

Where is the IP address of the storage processor (SP A).

When the screen has loaded, type in the Username and Password used to access Navisphere/Unisphere User Interface (UI).

Once logged in, click the “Restart Management Server” button.

Once the page has loaded, click the “Yes” option, and then click “Submit.”

Follow the same steps for SP B.

4.  Re-enable the Disk.EnableNaviReg = 1

Try to register the host initiators back.

5.  Please click “Update now” for some times in Storage Array. Now OS version will updated

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