Multiple Accounts Login in Gtalk

  • Go to Gtalk installed directory. Normally path would be “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe”
  • Create shortcut for “googletalk.exe” and go to your shortcut add /nomutex switch in target
  • After adding /nomutex switch you can login Gtalk with multiple accounts


Physical disk performance counters

we need to add the below performance counters for finding physical disk’s performance.



Avg.Disk sec/transfer=Avg. Disk Sec/Read,Avg. Disk Sec/Write

Avg. Disk Sec/Read and Avg. Disk Sec/Write: Both counters measured in seconds in perfmon.we need to convert into milliseconds. This Read/Write latency is morethan 25 ms disk system is experiences latency issue. we need to replace the faster disk.

Less than 10 ms – very good
Between 10 – 20 ms – okay
Between 20 – 50 ms – slow, needs attention
Greater than 50 ms – Serious I/O bottleneck

Source: MSDN