Invalid configuration for device ‘0’ Error when removing vm hard disk


vm invalid config

1.verify the hard disk source storage
2.These error came when mounted LUN inaccessible
3.Try to remove the vm hard disk
4.If error persists remove the VM from inventory
5.Take the backup of .vmx file and download
6.Edit the .vmx file and remove the scsi(x:x) id for the disk the file and upload it into datastore and add to inventory
8.Now power on the VM
9.Once LUN comes back online add that .vmdk which was removed from .vmx file earlier

VMware Tools installation in RHEL 5.4

1. Right click the RHEL 5.4 VM and click “Install/Upgrade VMware Tools”

2. Create one folder. I created folder in desktop and named as “Test”

3.Copy the media files from CD drive to “Test” folder

4.Open the Terminal,


5. Unzip the archive file by using tar command

6. Go to “vmware-tools-distrib” directory


7. install the tools by executing  ./

8. While installing choose number for screen resolution ( I selected 12=1024*768)

9. After few seconds vmware tools installed successfully.

Safely Remove Hardware Option in Windows VM Guest OS

We can see safely remove hardware option in windows guest operating system. This is critical one, if we remove network adapter it will cause VM unreachability.

Device Eject Option

We need to enable one option after power off the VM to hide this “Safely Remove Hardware” Option.

Power off the VM and right click “Edit Settings”

Go to Options and General,

Go to Configuration Parameters

Add Parameter “devices.hotplug” = “false”  without quotes

config parameter

Now, Power On the VM and you can see the task bar, Safely Remove Hardware Hided.